I handled all the copy duties for Chili's social media for a stint.

  • Lifted the lifetime ban from Pam (of "The Office" fame), 
  • Developed a hoodie for helping people sneak Chicken Crispers into the movies. Mmm...

The Pam Saga

It started with Pam tagging us in a picture of a "I FEEL GOD IN THIS CHILI'S TONIGHT" mug. The social strategist (and massive Office fan) is freaking out. The client doesn't want to do anything with it, aside from liking the image . . .

A day goes by then this happened.

This got the social strategist super pumped, and they succeeded in securing a go-ahead from the client to do something. So we hit her with her own line.

And later got approval to lift her lifetime ban.

We even put a press release on the corporate page to make it official.

It made the cast happy.

And the client happy!
"We got copywriting support because we wanted to play it more tongue-in-cheek the way [The Office] did. They did a brilliant job of making it feel like you were in on the joke, which is why we took that approach rather than taking ourselves too seriously."

The Crisper Hoodie

The client decided not to actually make a kickstarter for this thing (bummer), but then it became their most popular organic post of the year. This led to Chili's creating all sorts of fashion items. Sweet.

Role: Senior Copywriter @ The Marketing Arm
Group Creative Director: Rob Neatherlin
Art Director: Jonathan Chin
Social Strategist: Justin Runyon


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